Discover Assertive Advocacy: Mastering SEN Communication

£65.00 Per Session

Target Audience: This module is specifically crafted for parents and guardians who are navigating the Special Educational Needs (SEN) system and wish to enhance their advocacy and communication skills. It’s perfect for those seeking to ensure their child’s needs are not just heard but met with understanding and action.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Assertive Communication Training: Learn the principles of assertive communication tailored to the SEN context, enabling you to articulate your child’s needs clearly and effectively.
  • Role-Playing Scenarios: Engage in structured role-playing exercises that simulate real-world interactions with educators, therapists, and other professionals involved in your child’s care.
  • Real-World Application: Practical strategies and tips for preparing for, conducting, and following up on meetings and discussions related to your child’s SEN plan.
  • Emotional Support Techniques: Tools to manage your emotions during potentially stressful interactions, ensuring you can advocate for your child effectively without being overwhelmed.
  • Building a Support Network: Guidance on how to build and leverage a network of support among other parents, professionals, and educators within the SEN framework.

Program Structure

The “Effective SEN Communication Strategies” module is structured to progressively build your skills and confidence through interactive and practical learning experiences:

  1. Basics of Assertive Communication: Foundations of clear and respectful communication, specifically in the context of SEN advocacy.
  2. Role-Playing for Confidence: Hands-on role-playing exercises to practice scenarios you’re likely to encounter, with feedback to hone your approach.
  3. Navigating SEN Meetings: Strategies for effective preparation, participation, and follow-up in meetings with school staff and SEN professionals.
  4. Emotional Regulation Techniques: Methods to maintain calm and focus in discussions, ensuring your advocacy is impactful.
  5. Expanding Your Advocacy Network: Tips for connecting with and learning from other SEN parents and professionals, enhancing your advocacy efforts.


Participants will leave the module with enhanced communication skills, ready to engage in productive advocacy for their child within the SEN system. You’ll be equipped with strategies for assertive communication, emotional regulation, and network building, all aimed at ensuring your child’s needs are fully understood and addressed.

Pricing and Availability

Session Pricing: £75 per session

Availability: Sessions are available with options to accommodate varying schedules.

Booking Information: Interested parents can enrol in the “Effective SEN Communication Strategies” by reaching out using the contacts on this page

This product is designed to empower parents with the skills and confidence needed to effectively communicate and advocate within the SEN system, supporting their child’s educational journey.


We provide services across the UK online, providin the most convenience and confidentiality. You can sit there in your own space, with your own notes and your own preferred time.

Limited possibilities due to the logistics. We are a London based operation

The role of the initial assessment in session 1, is in partnership with you the client, is to build the case formulation and development of a treatment plan. This plan will be a working document that will change over the course of all therapy sessions.  

Therapies and strategies employed, will be selected to meet the treatment plan goals and objectives.

No 2 therapy sessions are alike.  


No therapy can guarantee 100% success. This is not unique to talking therapies, even clinical medicines have an efficacy of far below 100%.

In Therapy we will develop together SMART goals which are Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and time bound.


Learning to reframe and cope with a pressing issue is sometimes what is necessary to rebalance mental health and to live a life that is acceptable and manageable. 

Real problems require real solutions, and many problems involve factors to which we have no control over. To borrow the wise words from psychologist Viktor Frankl


On balance, sessions run for an on average of 6 sessions. 

This approach to therapy is not designed to become someone’s life support, that rolls in year in year out.

The plan is to define a treatment plan in session 1, agree goals and objectives and set about to achieve those objectives in the following sessions.

When things are not working. The plan is reviewed and amended where necessary. 


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