Therapy for Better Sleep During the SEN Journey

£65.00 Per Session

Parenting always comes with a certain level of demand that arises during the school years, but these can increase significantly when dealing with the special education needs (SEN) system and areas that require your direct intervention on behalf of your child or young person. Often, this involves advocacy, diplomacy, lobbying, and complaining skills, you thought you never had.

On top of this, you are embarking on a campaign that at times will feel relentless, and at other times may even feel unfairly tilted against you.

Advocating for your child or young person, facing potential conflicts with schools or Local Authorities over the EHCP, managing financial burdens for private assessments and therapies, and even facing the prospect of taking the case to SENDIST, can lead to heightened anxiety. The constant care required for a child with SEN often results in emotional and physical exhaustion, especially affecting your mental health. This cumulative stress and uncertainty about your child’s future can severely disrupt the quality of your sleep.

1-to-1 Therapy

The therapy we provided already comes with the full support and knowledge of the EHCP process, wherever you are with it, either in the early stages of applying for an assessment or waiting for the SENDIST hearing date.

This program works with you to help better cope with the stress and work towards strategies to help improve stress-related sleep issues. Therapy is provided by a registered Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapist

What Cannot Be Helped: Contraindications

  1. Sleep Apnea: Hypnotherapy cannot treat sleep apnea, which is a physical condition where breathing stops and starts during sleep. It requires medical intervention.
  2. Other Medical Conditions: Conditions like restless leg syndrome, chronic pain, or certain medications can interfere with sleep. These require medical treatment.
  3. Substance-Induced Insomnia: Insomnia caused by alcohol, drugs, or certain medications may not be effectively treated with hypnotherapy alone.

It’s essential to work in collaboration with medical professionals when addressing insomnia, especially if there are underlying medical conditions. Always ensure clients have consulted with a healthcare provider before starting any alternative therapies.


We provide services across the UK online, providin the most convenience and confidentiality. You can sit there in your own space, with your own notes and your own preferred time.

Limited possibilities due to the logistics. We are a London based operation

The role of the initial assessment in session 1, is in partnership with you the client, is to build the case formulation and development of a treatment plan. This plan will be a working document that will change over the course of all therapy sessions.  

Therapies and strategies employed, will be selected to meet the treatment plan goals and objectives.

No 2 therapy sessions are alike.  


No therapy can guarantee 100% success. This is not unique to talking therapies, even clinical medicines have an efficacy of far below 100%.

In Therapy we will develop together SMART goals which are Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and time bound.


Learning to reframe and cope with a pressing issue is sometimes what is necessary to rebalance mental health and to live a life that is acceptable and manageable. 

Real problems require real solutions, and many problems involve factors to which we have no control over. To borrow the wise words from psychologist Viktor Frankl


On balance, sessions run for an on average of 6 sessions. 

This approach to therapy is not designed to become someone’s life support, that rolls in year in year out.

The plan is to define a treatment plan in session 1, agree goals and objectives and set about to achieve those objectives in the following sessions.

When things are not working. The plan is reviewed and amended where necessary. 


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