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EHCP Parent Support: 1-to-1 Therapy and Advocacy

Are you navigating the challenges of the EHCP (Education, Health, and Care Plan) process? We understand how overwhelming and stressful it can be. Our specialised EHCP Parent Therapy and Advocacy service is here to help you every step of the way.

What We Offer:

  • Professional 1-to-1 Therapy: To work together to address stress, anxiety, and emotional exhaustion and overwhelm, helping you build resilience and remain effective as you advocate for your child’s needs.
  • 1-to-1 Advocacy: Guidance and support from someone who has been there, to help work with you on next steps in the EHCP process.

Don’t Crumble Under The Weight Alone

Take care of your mental health while navigating the EHCP process. Ready to transform how you manage mental health challenges as a parent, carer, or caregiver involved in the Special Education Needs and Disability (SEND) process? 

Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapy

EHCParent is unique in combining the strategies of Cognitive & Behavioural Therapies with Hypnosis to bring about changes in the way we think, behaviour and feel when engaging with any aspect of the Special Education Needs and Disability (SEND) systems. 

We believeSpecial Needs Advocacy needs to be combined with supportive talking therapies, to work on your stress, anxiety and mental well-being.

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EHCP, Annual Review, Appeal, Sendist Advocacy Planning

SEN (Special Educational Needs) advocacy involves supporting and guiding parents and caregivers through the process of securing appropriate educational resources and services for children with special educational needs.

The Skills of Self-Advocacy: Build and enhance your advocacy skills as we work together on current and future challenges, and next steps in the EHCP process.

Review and Next Steps: The EHCP process is an evidence based process, where knowing the next steps is crucial. Problem solving, and exploring alternative outcomes.

Strategic Planning: Developing your own personalised action plan, providing a clear roadmap to navigate the EHCP process and address specific challenges ahead is a key area to work on.

A Simple Path to Your Well-being


Reserve your 1-to-1 Free 20 minute consultation

This initial meeting is your opportunity to share your story with a registered Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapist who has been in similiar shoes to you.


Book your 1st Session

Your journey begins with a full assessment of your story, challenges, hopes and aspirations. Agreed therapy goals, your guide is a registered Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapist who has full life cycle experience of the special education needs system.


Completing your Therapy Journey

Typical therapy sessions can range from 6 to 12 sessions. Some clients build a hybrid model that maps siginificaht events across the academic year. All options is open andbe discussed in more detail.

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The Therapist Background and Journey

I started working with parents, guardians and caregivers who are in the midst, or have exited the Special Education Needs and Disability (SEND) system, advocating for their child, because I noticed the gap between the focus on the child and the real mental health struggles of those advocating for their child in what can be a unrealenting and unforgiven process.

I have personal skin in the game, having traversed the A to Z of the EHCP process. From submitting a section 36(1) of the Children and Families Act 2014 letter  to the Local Authority right through to completing a Section 35 form and representing at the SENDIST Tribunal.

The process has many ups and downs, and I would rate it as one of the most challenging ‘procedural’ experiences one could possibly endure.

Join our EHCP Parent Voice Forumn

Wherever you find yourself in the special education needs journey, you’re not alone. Our community’s stories shine a light on the transformative power of support and therapy.

From the first steps of seeking an EHCP to the daily challenges of advocacy and self-care, these testimonials reveal the strength, resilience, and breakthroughs of parents just like you. Let their victories inspire your path, knowing that with the right help, every challenge can lead to growth and positive change.

FAQ - You ask, we answer

Bring your questions and queries to the initial consultation call or use the contacts on the site

Cognitive Behavioral Health (CBH) encompasses therapeutic approaches grounded in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), which aims to identify and change negative thought patterns and behaviors that contribute to mental health challenges. By focusing on the interconnectedness of thoughts, feelings, and actions, CBH provides tools and strategies for individuals to manage their mental well-being more effectively. It’s a structured, goal-oriented therapy that is widely recognized for its efficacy in treating a variety of mental health conditions, including anxiety, depression, and stress-related disorders.

Each 1 to 1 sessionb lasts for 60 minutes. Sessions typical have a run of 6 to 12 sessions. There are hybrid options, some clients wrap around 1 to 1 support around milestones of the academic year

The first session involves a full assessment, your story, goals and objectives and agreement on a therapy plan ahead.

Make some notes, keep a journey, have an idea you would like to explore, think of goals. For the first session you can just bring yourself and be open for therapy.

Ready for support? Schedule your consultation today!

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the special education journey and are seeking guidance and support, you’re not alone. We understand the unique challenges you face and are here to help. Schedule your consultation with us today and take the first step towards empowering yourself and your family. Our experienced team is ready to provide personalized support, resources, and the understanding you need to navigate the path ahead with confidence. Let’s work together to make this journey a little easier. Your journey towards peace of mind starts here—reach out now.”

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